Benefits of Cable Conveyor Systems

Benefits of Cable Conveyor Systems

Are you weighing the pros and cons of cable conveyor systems? If so, you’ll want to check out our blog post about the benefits of cable conveyors. Not only do cable conveyors help you free much-needed floor space, but they also are more cost-effective than table top conveyors for adding large amounts of accumulation.

In this blog post, our cable conveyor engineers at Automation Ideas will go over some of the main advantages of cable conveyor system installation so you can make an informed decision for your industrial space. For more information, we recommend contacting a conveyor system manufacturer near you.

Decreases Downtime

Nothing decreases productivity more than a machine that needs to be repaired. Thankfully, a cable conveyor is designed to accumulate bottles between integrated machinery so production can resume quicker. In other words, cable conveyors are designed to minimize the loss of production associated with equipment failure.

Conserves Floor Space

We understand that you want to use every inch of your factory floor efficiently, which is why many of our clients choose cable conveyor systems. A cable conveyor system is hung from the ceiling, freeing floor space for other conveyor systems or industrial equipment. Unlike other types of conveyor systems, cable conveyors are light enough to be installed overhead.

Cable conveyors can also be integrated with other systems, such as HDPE bottle annealing units, round bottle air elevators, square bottle “Y” air elevators, and more. A conveyor system engineer can help you design the best layout for your machines so you can use space efficiently.

Reduces Handling Time

Cable conveyors reduce the amount of handling time required by operators. This means that after installing a cable conveyor system, you may notice an increase in productivity. We understand that you want to manage your factory in the most efficient way possible. For more information on how to reduce handling time in your factory, we recommend reaching out to a cable conveyor system manufacturer near you.

Lower Installation and Maintenance Costs

Cable conveyors cost less to install and maintain because they have fewer wear components than other types of conveyor systems. Like the name suggests,  a cable conveyor will move products through your factory by using two continuous steel cables that run on either side of the belt. These cables not only support product so they don’t fall off the line, but also drive the conveyor through your industrial space. The fewer wear components used by a conveyor system, the less maintenance it requires.

There are many reasons why a factory owner may decide to install a cable conveyor system. If you believe your factory would benefit from having a cable conveyor system, we recommend contacting a conveyor system installation company near you. They’ll be able to advise you on which systems will increase factory efficiency.

Automation Ideas is dedicated to helping you improve factory productivity through conveyor system design and installation. We work with you to find a conveyor system solution that works for your budget, production goals, and available space. If you are interested in learning more about our cable conveyor systems, call us to request a quote at (877) 254-3327.