Complicated vs. Complex Automation Systems

Complicated vs. Complex Automation Systems

Do you know the difference between a complicated automation system and a complex one? While “complicated” and “complex” have similar meanings on the surface, they mean different things for your company. The type of automation system you choose for your facility will depend on whether your business is stable or seasonal. If you need a new material handling system, keep reading to learn how to maximize productivity and decrease downtime.

What is an automation system?

Automation is the process of turning manual tasks into tasks that can be done by robots, industrial machinery, and conveyor systems. Worker safety often increases after implementing an automated conveyor system because you are transferring risk to machines. While you’ll still need workers to oversee industrial equipment and systems, your factory floor will be that much safer for employees. When designing an automation system, you’ll need to think about how demand for your products changes over time.

Complicated Automation Systems

Effective conveyor design starts with knowing how the system will be used on a day-to-day or even a year-to-year basis. If you can define the variables that affect your company’s output, you’ll need a complicated automation system. These types of automation systems are effective when you have relatively stable output year-round. The automation system design can affect productivity and whether you’ll be able to use all the space in your facility efficiently.

Complex Automation Systems

Now more than ever, people are buying online. With limitless information at their fingertips, your customers are able to shop around for the best deals without ever leaving their couch. Since your customers can get the information they need from tapping their smartphones, they also expect fast shipping. An automation system can help you manage e-fulfillment. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, but your company will be able to better meet changing market trends.

If you have multiple unknown variables that affect your company’s output, you’ll need a complex automation system. This type of industrial automation is perfect if your business model or industry is seasonal. Even if you don’t run a seasonal business, you may have different levels of demand if you send goods directly to consumers. For example, you may have a higher demand around the holidays. Selling products online can also make demand unpredictable.

While complex automation systems are challenging to design, they’re not impossible. More and more engineers are using scalable models and flexible material handling equipment so you can adapt your business to busy or slow periods.

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