Semi-Automatic Debagging Machines

Automation Ideas’ semi-automatic debagging systems are designed to assist companies that store bagged bottles for later use or purchase bagged bottles from a third party. A semi-automatic debagger is an excellent solution to reducing labor and overhead costs associated with manual debagging packages of bottles. All of our debagging systems are custom fitted to your facility’s exact needs, and they are a very cost-effective way to maintain peak production rates while minimizing downtime.

Depending on the efficiency of the operator, an Automation Ideas’ semi-automatic debagger is capable of bagging up to 2 bags per minute. The operation sequence of this machine is very similar to a fully automatic bagger, except the operator is responsible for placing packages of bottles into the machine, operating the cold or hot knife mechanism, removing the cut bag, and initiating the release of bottles from the machine. From this point, bottles begin to feed into the production line where they can head to the filler or other integrated equipment.

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Standard Features:

  • 40 sq. ft. of powered accumulation
  • Left- or right-hand discharge and operator station
  • Multiple pack size capability
  • 480V, 3-phase operation
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLCs
  • SMC Pneumatics
  • Hooded to prevent bottle contamination
  • Improved variable speed transfer accelerator
  • 2" tubular steel frame

Safety Features:

  • Three easily accessible emergency stops
  • Polycarbonate guarding
  • Finger-safe cold-knife design

Optional Features:

  • Semi-automatic cold knife bag cut
  • Fully automated vacuum, hotwire bag cut
  • Two-tier operation
  • Varying voltage options
  • Customized accumulation options

The description above is a general outline of an Automation Ideas Semi-Automatic Bagger. If you are interested in our bagging systems, or would like to learn more about any of our other products, please feel free to give our dedicated support team a call at (877) 254-3327.