Bottle Flamer Units

Automation Ideas is an industry expert in container handling equipment. If your production lines require the labeling of containers, then you’ll want to invest in a bottle flamer unit. A bottle flamer unit works by removing any oils and contaminants from the surface of bottles so that labels are able to adhere properly. A flamer unit from Automation Ideas is made to last and can be easily adjusted if your container requirements change.

Bottle flamer units easily integrate to almost any production line for plastic and glass containers that are round or square. Our units are custom built depending on your requirements, and are constructed with up to 4 controlled natural gas flames. The process of this unit consists of bottles entering the flamer where they are gripped by integrated rotator belts and spun. As the bottles rotate through the enclosure, they are evenly treated by the flames. This consistent treatment ensures that labels will adhere wherever they are needed on the container.

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Standard Features of bottle flamer units:

  • Square or rectangle bottle types
  • 10 – 60 bottles per minute throughput
  • Repeatable bottle surface treatment
  • FLYNN flamer components
  • Two 6" tall flamer heads
  • Complete mixing valve
  • Components to be mounted in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Universal electrode assembly
  • Flamer manager unit – 120 V
  • Braided bronze supply hoses
  • Welded 2” tubular steel frame – powder coated finish

Safety Features:

  • Safety guarding to prevent burner contact
  • Safety on/off controls

Optional Features:

  • Bottle rotating assembly for round containers
  • Flame auto ignition – only flame when bottles are present
  • Down bottle detection
  • Multiple flame sizes depending on container
  • Bottle spacing controls brake

If you are interested in an Automation Ideas’ bottle flamer unit, or would like to learn more about any of our other conveyors or conveyor system products, please feel free to give our dedicated support team a call at (877) 254-3327.