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We've equipped hundreds of companies around the world with the means to move product more quickly and economically through their plants. Whatever your needs, Automation Ideas will deliver a custom-built solution that makes your workers more productive, your plant more efficient and your bottom line more profitable.

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  1. Cable Conveyor Systems - We manufacture cable conveyor systems in many different heights and widths to accommodate your container configurations. Typically suspended from the ceiling, these systems are a very cost-effective way to move containers throughout your facility while controlling accumulation and surge.
  2. Tabletop Conveyors - Tabletop conveyors provide a more table surface for your products. Our tabletop conveyors are made of aluminum, painted steel or stainless steel to meet your unique functional requirements. Also, Mattop Conveyors - We build modular Mattop conveyors to your precise specifications
  3. Scrap Handling Systems - Our scrap handling systems - round or square - are designed to minimize the risk of contamination and enable you to recover as much scrap as possible for recycling, We can even install grinders to assist in recycling.
  4. Resin Handling Systems - We can supply all the components of a complete resin handling system, including piping, vacuums and blenders.
  5. Bagging Systems - Our baggers collect your bottles into easy-to-handle sealed plastic packages. Choose semiautomatic or fully automatic systems.
  6. Debagging Systems - Manual and semi-automatic debaggers put your plastic containers back on the line at high speed. An optional "cold knife" cut off is available to open bags even more rapidly.
  7. Annealing Units - Our annealing units provide in-line curing of plastic containers to ensure consistent container size. This assures volume stability and prevents costly under/over filling – whether containers are filled immediately or later.
  8. Leak Testers - Inline and trimmer-mounted leak testers can be adapted to the shapes and sizes of your containers to help eliminate product loss. Weight checkers are also available to help you maintain quality control.
  9. Custom Equipment - In addition to these traditional material handling systems, we can help increase your efficiency with custom-built parts sorting, pick & place tooling, parts handling and assembly machines.

If you are interested in our conveyor engineering and design services, please feel free to give us a call at (877) 254-3327. The Rockford conveyance system engineers at Automation Ideas, Inc. are dedicated toward helping clients maximize the efficiency of their blow molding equipment and filling systems with expertly-designed conveyance systems.