Table Top Conveyor Systems FAQ

Table Top Conveyor Systems FAQ

Aren’t sure if table top conveyors are the right choice for your factory floor? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, the conveyor manufacturers at Automation Ideas answer some of the frequently asked questions we get about table top conveyors so you can make an informed decision for your business. For more information, we recommend consulting with a table top conveyor manufacturer near you that has experience in your industry.

  • What industries are table top conveyors used for?

Table top conveyor systems can be used for a wide variety of industries, which include paper products, food and beverage, automotive parts, and much more. It is this versatility that makes it a popular factory conveyor system. Like the name suggests, table top conveyors transport products at a height similar to that of a table. Products are guided by rails to ensure they follow their designated route.

Table top conveyors can also be designed for a range of factory environments. An engineer will be able to design a system for the unique temperature, humidity, seasonal changes, and other environmental conditions of the space.

  • What can table top conveyors be used for?

The purpose of a table top conveyor can range from container filling to product inspection. Since table top conveyors are so versatile, they can be used throughout a factory for different purposes. For example, a table top conveyor may be used to transport items quickly through your facility before being sent to a different table top conveyor belt for labeling.

  • Can table top conveyors accommodate all box sizes?

Yes, table top conveyors can accommodate all box sizes. Conveyor systems are designed to make transporting items through your factory more efficient and safer. Depending on the guide railing system you choose, you are able to quickly change the side guide rails for the appropriate box size. Side guide rails for conveyors are also offered in a fixed position, depending on what makes sense for your application.

  • What types of products can be moved on table top conveyors?

Table top conveyors are able to accommodate cans, bottles, jars, glass, plastic containers, cartons, cases, and more. To learn what other products can be moved on these conveyor systems, we recommend reaching out to a company specializing in industrial conveyor systems.

  • What materials are used to build table top conveyors?

Depending on what the table top conveyor will be used for, it can be constructed out of stainless steel, aluminum, or painted steel. Be sure to ask a conveyor system manufacturer what material would be best for your factory conditions and the products you would be conveying.

  • Can I integrate table top conveyors with other conveyor systems?

If you need to integrate a new table top conveyor with your existing system, you don’t need to worry. A table top conveyor installation company will be able to create a smooth transition from the new conveyor to the existing system.

Automation Ideas is a table top conveyor manufacturing company that always strives to help customers streamline factory operations. If you are interested in learning more about table top conveyor installation, give our conveyor engineers a call at (877) 254-3327.