Why Companies Prefer Cable Conveyors over Forklifts

Why Companies Prefer Cable Conveyors over Forklifts

Need to move materials across your factory floor efficiently and safely? Many of the companies we’ve been working with have found success by swapping forklifts for cable conveyors. Unlike a forklift, a conveyor system is able to transport materials by using less space and providing a safer work environment for employees.

Continue reading to learn why cable conveyor systems are safer (and more efficient) than forklifts. The benefits of cable conveyor systems are too significant to ignore.

Takes Less Space

Forklifts need clear space to move throughout your facility, which reduces how much space you can use to store products and materials. Forklifts come with hidden costs because they prevent you from using the space you have efficiently. As a conveyor manufacturer, we have helped clients make better use of their facilities by swapping forklifts for conveyor systems. While this isn’t to say that you still can’t use forklifts in your factory, you can improve your output by using conveyors to move product.

A benefit to conveyor systems is that you can install them overhead so they don’t take up valuable floor space. We understand that every square foot of space in your industrial facility is important, which is why you may want to invest in conveyor system installation. Many of our clients have benefitted from making the switch to cable conveyor systems.

Less Risk of Personal Injury

Whenever employees operate heavy industrial machinery, there is always the risk for personal injury. For example, an employee may need to file for workers’ compensation if they have a crush injury caused by a forklift accident. An unbalanced load can be enough to tip over a forklift, injure workers, or even damage your facility. By shifting more responsibility to a material handling system, you can lower the risk of worker injury.

Less Product Damage

Conveyor systems handle products gently so there is no damage. This means that you don’t have to worry about products being battered or dropped on the factory floor like you would with forklifts. Instead, the conveyor system will efficiently move products to their destinations. One of the best features of conveyor systems is that they can move products in any direction you need to make good use of available space. For example, conveyor systems can be designed to move products vertically, horizontally, or along a slope.

If you are unsure what type of conveyor system will best suit your needs, there are plenty to choose from. We recommend reaching out to a company that specializes in designing, building, and installing conveyor systems like Automation Ideas. With a new year comes new technologies that can improve your factory’s productivity and safety for workers.

Automation Ideas is dedicated to helping business owners just like you improve the efficiency and safety of industrial spaces. We offer a range of systems which include tabletop conveyors, side grip conveyors, and HDPE bottle annealing units. If you are interested in installing a cable conveyor in your facility, give us a call at (877) 254-3327.