Leak Detection Systems

Automation Ideas offers a range of leak detection equipment for all types of containers and bottles. All of our equipment is constructed and tested in-house by our experienced engineering and assembly teams and is guaranteed to last. With our fully automated leak detection and bottle rejection systems, you can reduce costly labor and overhead costs associated with the manual inspection of your products.

Leak detection is typically accomplished by a rotary detection system or a linear detection system. A brief explanation of each style is provided below:

  • Rotary - if your line requires a high-speed leak detection system, then you may want to consider a rotary style system. Unlike a linear system, a rotary leak detector feeds bottles onto a turntable that is constantly moving so your products don’t ever have to stop. The design of a rotary leak detector allows for a much greater number of testing heads than a linear system and provides a more accurate test. In addition, rotary systems are much more versatile and can test a wide range of container types, empty or full.
  • Linear - with a linear style leak detector, the system easily integrates in-line on an existing tabletop conveyor. A linear system from Automation Ideas can be fitted to test anywhere from 1 bottle per cycle to 8 bottles per cycle. The main benefits of this machine are the ease of integration and the low upfront cost.
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Standard Features - Linear:

  • Bottle Leak Detector
  • Integrated diagnostics for troubleshooting
  • No internal service work necessary
  • Unit is entirely self-contained and includes state of the art valves and circuitry
  • High precision pressure transducers
  • Backlit LED readout displays all critical leak testing functions
  • Integral programmer with sensitive switches for reliable operation
  • Soft FDA approved gaskets for perfect sealing without bottle distortion
  • Quick disconnect air manifold for all air connections
  • 60-220VAC eliminates the need for power line conditioners
  • Password protected to prevent unauthorized programming
  • Integrated backup program to reset all defaults
  • Warranty covers 50 million individual bottle tests

Optional Features - Linear:

  • Trimmer mount
  • Inline mounted to conveyor
  • High speed inline
  • High speed rotary
  • Table top conveyor available for inline units
  • Angle neck bottle adjustments

If you are interested in an Automation Ideas’ bottle flamer unit, or would like to learn more about any of our other products, please feel free to give our dedicated support team a call at (877) 254-3327.