Mattop Conveyor

Automation Ideas’ professional quality Mat-Top Conveyors are an excellent solution to a wide variety of product handling requirements. Mat-top conveyors handle bottles and other products in nearly every orientation, empty or full, and in single file lines or mass flow. The conveyors are built straight or curved in either aluminum or stainless steel with a variety of options including guide rails, enclosures, inclines, ribbed belting, and much more.

Mat-Top Conveyors are very economical because of their versatility and customizability. They can be used in nearly every application from start to finish of your production process, and they easily integrate with existing production equipment. Mat-tops are ideal for companies that are constantly changing product types or companies that want the ability to improve line features in the future.

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Mat-Top Conveyors improve:

  • Small Bottle Handling - conveying small and top-heavy bottles is a breeze with Mat-Top Conveyors from Automation Ideas. Standard guide rails and the ability to mass flow bottles eliminates bottles falling over and reduces production downtime.
  • Packaging - our conveyors move your products through all stages of production, including packaging. Our proven conveyor design will handle any weight and size requirements, and will seamlessly integrate with new or existing packaging equipment.

Mat-Top Conveyors improve:

  • Scrap - transporting plastic scrap and waste materials typically means using loud blowers and air duct systems. Mat-Top Conveyors are much quieter, and they can transport more materials than traditional air systems. This eliminates the need for dedicated scrap lines from each trimmer, ultimately saving space and money.
  • Bin Systems and Accumulation - Mat-Top Conveyors reduce downtime by automating your inventory and accumulation processes. This is done through mass flow accumulation on the conveyor itself or through the integration of a bottle Bin System. For more information on Bin Systems please click here.

If you are interested in our Mat-Top Conveyor Systems or would like to learn more about any of our other Conveyor Systems, please feel free to give our dedicated support team a call at (877) 254-3327.